Discovery of Light

Discovery of LightFor a limited time Discovery of Light is free on Amazon, and Seal of Light is reduced to $0.99. If you’re interested in reading some of my earlier works, I suggest you start there. And as always, they’re both in Kindle Unlimited, where you can read everything for free if you have an account. 

Major Progress

I knocked out a huge chunk of my newest novel I’m working on. All is going well as far as word count is concerned. I even mapped out my production schedule and discovered I’m ahead of schedule which is always preferable to being behind. It appears I’ll have three books of the series ready to publish in January. I’ll publish the first three on the same day and keep publishing every 21 days until I burn out or the story is finished. I’ve got high hopes this series will take off compared to my previous series. I’ve put in my dues and grown as a writer. It’s time to see if the readers and market agree.

Success_Go get it

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