Except Change

For the foreseeable future I’m unable to follow my ritual and must watch my child for 10 hours a day, while my girlfriend works two shifts at her store. Yesterday the prospect had me down, today is different. I’m choosing to look on the bright side of life and find the opportunity hidden within the obstacle. While I’m not able to write how I’m accustomed, I’ll still be able to write some, and I get to spend more time having fun.

Silver Lining

I’ll accept this as a vacation. Instead of fretting over the fact I’m not able to get my work done, I’ll look at this as an opportunity to rest, relax, and prepare for when I can get back to work. By accepting this is a vacation I’ll enjoy myself and do things I’d normally put off.

Child's Play

One main advantage is being able to play more Lego Lord of the Rings was my daughter, along with the Lego Star Wars—when it arrives. We usually play for 30 minutes every other day, but while I’m watching her for 10 hours a day, we should be able to play for several hours. I’ll still balance it this week around the conference, but otherwise my schedule should be open.

I’m also looking forward to reading more books. Not just for myself, but also books I can read with my daughter. She has reached that age where reading is becoming fun for her. I dealt extensively with getting her into reading and convincing her it wasn’t a waste of time. We homeschool, so reading is a must. I spent three to four months convincing her reading could be fun, and it seems to have clicked in the last week or two. Not to mention her reading skills have improved tenfold.

New Cooking Techniques

Another big advantage to this newfound free time is I can focus on cooking. For the past two months I’ve been cooking the same meals over and over. I focused on healthy, quick and easy meals. However, with my new free time I’ll expand my cooking horizons. As I’ve mentioned, we purchased an Instant Pot and I’ve found joy in finding new recipes for it.

Now I have more time on my hands I plan to look into more tasty recipes which are also healthy. I’ll also go back to cooking on the stove top, such as some Asian stir-fries that are always a crowd pleaser. The number one reason I justified the purchase of an Instant Pot was the amount of rice and beans we like to eat. I might add in a few posts about what I cook, but you can always find the meals on my Pinterest.

Success_Go get it

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