Business as Usual

I would like to say I’m back working—the way I should be—but unfortunately, it’s not true. Given what occurred with the flooding, I’m not able to get back to work the way I intended. It forces my girlfriend to cover both shifts at her store, which means she’ll be working six days a week. It’s unlikely the owners will find a replacement employee soon, and given they’re concerned with the repair and maintenance of their other six stores, they’ll not cover any shifts themselves. Therefore, she’s forced to pick up the slack.

They’ve got her training a new person, but that person is scheduled to cover a different location which has been looking for a new person long before the flooding. The owners had planned to send my girlfriend to all their other locations to train their staff on how to run an organized store. I can only assume that’s on hold until the whole company is fully staffed again.brainstorming_business plan

Therefore, I’ll regroup and create a short-term plan. Instead of focusing on my novel—which requires longer chunks of time—I’ll instead focus on Writing Advice posts. I’m trying to get the YouTube channel started, the only thing holding me back at this point is getting a background setup so I’m not showing off my room. You should see more writing advice posts at least on the blog over the next couple weeks. If possible, I’ll have videos up before the end of the month. I’ll be sure and go back to the older posts and make videos for them.


I’ve followed along the Indie Novelist Summit—which has good information—but most of the information is redundant or fluff. However, I will not let that hold me back. I view learning as an investment in my future. While colleges left a horrible taste in my mouth, and I would never recommend somebody spend their money to attend a university (unless they need a degree in a science), I that learning is something everybody should continue long after school. I view learning as a key component to living a good life. Towards that end, I’m going back to reading a book on writing every week. I’ve read over 100 books on the subject, and I’d like to hit 200 by the end of next year.

Down Note

This post is not my chipper self, but I felt it was important to show the downs alongside the ups. The truth is, life is kicking my ass, but I’ll adapt to keep moving forward. I’ll keep my head up and return stronger than ever.

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