We’re continuing to get rain, and the forecast indicates that the rain will continue for another week. All the dams are open, but the water level is still high. The numbers aren’t in yet, but it appears the damages will be severe. Internet is out for a large portion of the city but luckily, I’m able to get online.


Without the internet I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the Indie Novelist Summit and take in all the great information. Having something to focus on helps keep my mind off of all the surrounding damage. My girlfriend’s coworker lost her home in the flood. She quit her job so that her and her husband can move in with one of their children rather than rebuild. This means that my girlfriend is working 10-hour days, until they find a replacement. For the foreseeable future I will be busy watching our child, and will need to downshift the amount of writing I do daily. I’ll continue to post these daily logs, but they’ll probably be far shorter than in the past.

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