Inciting Incident

The past couple days I’ve thought about inciting incidents. Not just as a method for kicking off the global story, but also as a key component to every scene I write. After reading The Story Grid I reconsider my theories on story structure. Previously I based most of my theory off of The Anatomy of Story and modeled most of my outlining off of it. By using the lessons in The Story Grid in conjunction with The Anatomy of Story I’ve come up with a better outline method. The Story Grid made everything click for scene construction.

By focusing on inciting incident every time, I sit down to write, I’m sure I’ve improved my scenes by a minimum of 20%. I come to that number because inciting incident is 20% of scene component according to The Story Grid.

  1. Inciting Incident
  2. Complication
  3. Crisis
  4. Climax
  5. Resolution

Morning Ritual

One main aspect which improved my productivity was creating a morning ritual. Like many Americans, my ritual starts with coffee. On top of the coffee I’m adding meditation—by taking 10 minutes to clear my mind and focus on my breath I’m able to put myself into the right frame of mind to start creating.


Doing everything in my power to focus on writing first before I consume ensures I produce the best work possible. If I get the writing out of the way first, I’m able to alleviate most of my daily stress. Any time I reach the end of a day and haven’t written the words I’m supposed to I’m filled with guilt. Thus, creating a morning ritual that gets writing out of the way, keeps my guilt at bay, and my mind clear.


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know my town flooded. We lost a bridge. Luckily none of our friends or family were affected, but there’re hundreds of people displaced. The flood kept us busy all morning. I haven’t written anything. Today’s going to be another wash. Just as I’ve started to turn my creative process into a habit, Life throws me a curveball. Regardless, I’ll put it behind me and move forward.

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