Day 1 Commitment and Goals

Fear of Sharing

It’s hard to know where to begin. Like many other creatives, I fear sharing my work. However, it’s come to my attention, I must either face this fear or risk not progressing towards my goals. To that end, I’m going post daily updates and goalkeeping/tracking. My hope is accountability to my audience will force me to achieve my goals. The fear of public shame will motivate me moving forward.

Goal One: Increased Quantity

Quantity is a quality itself. Furthermore, quantity should improve quality over time. This hypothesis is based on the fact that the more you do something the better you get at it. 

Growth and Increase

There’s a caveat here; the quantity must be produced with deliberate intent. What I mean is, I can’t just write the word ‘the’ 500 times and count that as word count. However, this blog post and others like it, along with writing more novels, novellas, short stories, etc. will count.

To help me achieve this goal, I decided to use a voice recorder along with Dragon Dictation to ensure I hit my daily word count. As of right now, I haven’t set my hard word count. Instead, what I want to focus on is daily improvement. Therefore, whatever I do today, I will then use as my benchmark for what to do tomorrow. Even if I improve by one word per day that will add up over time. However, I want to see more than one word per day improvement.

This isn’t typical of my personality, but it’s important that I allow myself to fail in order to improve. The reason is if I don’t allow myself to fill it means I’m not actually pushing myself to my limits. Failure just means that I’ve come up short of the goal I set. Just as Elon Musk has set impressive goals for Space X and Tesla and comes up short time and time again. I wish to do the same for my own writing output. Aiming for the stars, I should at least hit the moon.

Goal Two: Improved Quality

This is the hardest one to define and also track. The reason is quality is in the eye of the beholder, and I’m the worst judge of my own work. My plan is to use reader input, along with a professional editor to extract my improvement over time. Just as I mentioned above, I suspect that quantity will result in improved quality over time.

Goal Three: Social Network

As an introvert—specifically an INTJ—it’s hard for me to make friends. (I imagine many of my readers are also introverts so you’ll understand.) What’s more, it’s hard for me to reach out and start a conversation with people. While I’ve learned to fake it in public—due mostly to years of sales experience—online it’s harder for me. I want to practice daily outreach to build relationships with a fellow author. My hope is I’ll be able to create friendships with authors who are at my same level of development and above me.
Connected_Social Network_Team

Goal Four: Mentor

This is sort of a subgoal of goal three; I would like to find a writing mentor by the end of this year, or the end of winter at the latest. Finding a mentor will be one of the hardest challenges I face because a mentor’s time is valuable. However, I hope that I’m able to prove myself worthy, through this blog along with increased output of material.

In turn I hope that by the end of 2019 I can be in a position to be a mentor to one or more authors. I’m a strong advocate for paying it forward.


While most people decide to make their New Year’s resolutions on December 26th or the 31st, I decided to make mine now in October. I prefer to get a running start on the new year; that way when January 1st comes I’m well ahead. It’s easier to keep going if there is momentum behind me.

At the end of the day setting goals isn’t dependent of the time of year. What matters is making clear actionable plans and following through with them. From what I’ve read, it appears that setting goals that are clearly defined is one of the key aspects to achieving them. By knowing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, the only excuse for not doing it becomes laziness. What prevents most people from taking action is not knowing what to do next.

I know what to do next, and I’ve just taken the first step publicly.

Success_Go get it

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