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Nicholi A.K. Baldron
Author & Coach

Mindset Development
Defeat resistance and slay your dragon. Learn to master your fear of writing—become the author you should be. Don’t go another day without achieving your life’s purpose. 

Story Craft/
Developmental Editing

Fundamental building blocks of Plot & Character Arcs. The skillsets needed to write successful fiction that will sell and have readers coming back for more. This is the key to developing super fans that will support your career for life. 

Marketing, Advertising, Reader Engagement
Newsletters: how to setup a custom domain, attract new readers onto your list, and cultivate those readers into super fans who will buy your books.
Facebook ads: how to setup campaigns that actually convert  potential readers into buyers of your books, and ensure that you actually run your ads profitably. 

Team Building
Picking out Cover Designer, Editor, Proof Readers, etc… is hard. How can you know who to trust if you’ve never worked with them before? I have a vetted list of trustworthy freelancers and can teach you the fundamentals of how to identify future freelancers for yourself.


"I went into the project with a few skills in mind that I wanted to improve, but I didn't really know where to start or where to look for tips ... He provided guidance on things like chapter-structure and pacing that I had been blind too, and I feel like my work has opened up because of it. Sometimes getting over a plateau just takes an outside eye and a nudge in the right direction..."
Brian Radecki
"The best thing I ever did was get a mentor. Sometimes I just needed that second voice in my head telling me what’s what and Nicholi is that voice for me. He’s always available when I need it, and he has the knack for cleaning out the clutter and getting to the root of my issue. Whether that is a book cover design or a plot mountain. I would highly recommend him to others."
Patricia Hoving
"I gained two vital components through this consultancy, perspective and organization ... I found it critical how he took everything my mind, added to it then gave it back to me in the form of steps. I started to scale up a lot quicker once he started guiding me ... He just explained it to me and put it in an order that achieved results ... when he puts goals for me, they feel a lot more real..."

Current Rate: $35/hour

$20 first time consultation (45 minutes)