Book Giveaway: Sellswords: Volume 1

Book Giveaway: Sellswords: Volume 1

Enter for a chance to win a free Kindle Copy of
Sellswords: Volume 1

  • Requirements for participation:
    • 18+ years of age (or legal age)
    • Resident of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia
    • Follow N.A.K. Baldron on Amazon

A crownless young queen and her protector fighting corruption, one job at a time.

Riley Harper wants to kill the king.

Yet his godlike power makes him nigh untouchable.

When their money runs out, Riley and Ocken have more basic problems—like where to find their next meal.

But if Riley has to don another barmaid’s uniform, she’s liable to snap. Fortunately for them, a mysterious hooded stranger who goes by the name of Viper might have just the job they’re looking for.

The stakes are high and lives are on the line in this high octane, stand-alone Soul Stones adventure series.

Contains three exciting stories:
Sword for Hire
Accidental Assassin
Death Marked

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