Back From Break

Sorry for the laps in posts. As of right now, I’m at the 60% mark for the novel, with just over 43,000 words. I’m back at work after a four day weekend. I took the time to read and relax. I feel fully revitalized. I’ve learned that I can’t put off reading while I’m writing. I was avoiding it so another author’s voice wouldn’t affect my own, but upon review I think that was a silly worry. Reading helps keep my mind sharp. I need other stories to help me see new ways of developing plot, character growth, etc. etc. I also got a new hair-cut for the summer. With it being well over 100 here I had to take a few inches off to cut down on the heat on my head.

I’m happy to be back, and excited to tear into the novel. I’m going to set myself a daily goal of 3,500 words while at work, and on weekends a time of one hour. I decided on the 3,500 words based around my average words per hour. I suspect that with the usual four hour I have of down time, I’ll be able to hit the 3,500 words. Assuming I don’t get side tracked and waste time. I think the hour on my days off will keep the story fresh in my mind and keep my momentum up. I’ve noticed that after breaks I find it harder to start up again. The cover for the novel is almost done. I’ll be uploading it later this week! If all goes according to plan.

1:24 – Word count, 553. Started a bit late, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Sunday nights are usually dead after midnight. I should have a good three or four hours ahead of me before I have to start breakfast and guest start coming in. Fun side note, I’ve started making sun tea and drinking it instead of coffee for the past three or four days. I’ve noticed that I’m sleeping better. Though I miss the taste of Death Wish coffee.

Well, I fell way short of goal. I missed it by about 3,000 words. My hours have been cut at work, so now I have to dig deep into savings and find a new job. Worst part, my GM won’t talk to me. I’ve never meet a person in management so anti-confrontational. It’s frustrating.

On the plus side, I came home and biked for a solid thirty minutes. There are some massive hills out here. My legs are killing me. I had to peel my cloths off. The sweat! However, 100% worth it. Took nearly an hour to recover but I feel better. Shower helped.

9:07 – Time for a beer, TV, a little more reading and then bed.  

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