Author Sick Days

Author Sick Days

February 15th Newsletter

Fun fact about being an author, or self employed in general, there are no paid sick days.

As I’m sure many of you are dealing with, February is a month of illness. Perhaps it’s just where I live, but I feel this flu season has been especially severe, with many in our community suffering from one sickness or another. While I’ve personally done an excellent job fighting off illness—keeping my immune system strong by taking extra vitamin C, drinking nearly a gallon of water per day, and sleeping at least 9 hours per night—my girlfriend and daughter have not been as lucky.

With Orphan’s Price launch day on the 19th, I’ve been working my ass off to get everything in place. And, starting on Monday this week, I jumped into action as the at home family medical provider: setting alarms to remind them to take their medication, cooking strong broths loaded with extra minerals (zinc is especially helpful), and generally doing my best to provide comfort.

We’re not a household that watches a lot of TV or Movies, but with my daughter being seven, she’s not accustomed to being sick. All she knows is her body hurts, and she wants it to stop. So, in an attempt to put a silver lining on the situation, I’ve opened up the DVD collection, and she’s getting watch as much TV in one day as we usually allow in one week. Not the best parenting move I know, but it has made being sick not so bad in her eyes.

I don’t know how I’ve managed so far, but finger crossed, I remain healthy. At least until after the 19th.

Want to help me and my family?

Orphan’s Price release on the 19th may be the most important day this year, next to maybe our anniversary in August.

I’ve already received one review, and messages from a few other readers, that they plan to review when they’re done reading. However, you can help my series be a success by leaving a review here. (Also, if you buy a print copy, you’ll receive the kindle edition for free.)

By leaving a review, you’ll help other Amazon readers find my book and enjoy it. Reviews are the lifeblood of indie authors like myself. Without them, most readers will never try a new author. But, with enough review, Amazon is able to identify who the right readers are for a book, and help those readers find those books. It’s a beautiful system where everyone wins.

Don’t feel pressured to write a long review, something short and sweet is perfect. You also don’t need to leave a five-star review. Every indie author, including myself, thrives off of honest reviews and feedback. It’s how we learn and grow.

You can get a free copy of Orphan’s Price here, until the 18th.

Leave your review here.

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