Æther Walker: Game Changer Cover

My hands are shaking from a mixture of Death Wish coffee, and the amazing cover I just got in for my novel, Aether Walker: Game Changer. Domi, over at Inspired Cover Designs, did a fantastic job and was extremely helpful throughout the process.

If you’ve been following the blog, you know I’ve been a small rut; not putting out the words per day I wanted. The cover art is just the motivation I needed to get my ass in gear. My heart is racing, and it finally feels real. I’ve been in this weird place for a couple months where I’m becoming an author, but not feeling like one. With the cover in, where I can see my name and the title, I feel like an author. I’ll have to get some cards made, so when people ask the annoying proverbial question, “what do you do?” I can answer, “I’m an author,” and hand them a card.

The day job (or in my case night job) isn’t going to get to me any more. Now that my novel is coming together, and I know it will be out later this year, the job seems unimportant. 

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