6 The Lovers

6 The Lovers

Faced with a choice of which project to focus on today, I turned to the cards for guidance.

Divinatory Meaning

An emotional decision.

“A romantic encounter may come into your life. You may be faced with an attraction or temptation that may not be good for you. There will be an attraction of opposites that will be difficult to reconcile in the long run. A difficult choice will arise; make your decision on the facts, not the emotions.”

A guide to the Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt


This wasn’t what I would call the most clear answer, but I’ll take it. It was enough to make me make a choice, and maybe that’s what matters most. Can’t allow the cards to rule my life, but only help guide me in the right direction.

Action Plan

Going to pivot over to shorter project, wrap it up, and then return to the new novel that’s coming together, oh so well!

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