Step Three: Earning Less While Living Better

I found it amazing that as we cut back our spending to the point that anything over twenty dollars needed to be discussed and justified, we felt less stress and more free. We still had rent on a large house and all the bills that went with it. At that point, there was still six months left on the lease. We discussed breaking the lease, but decided that it would be better to finish it out and then move. The time we had left, allowed us to very slowly and methodically cut down on what we owned. By the end of lease, everything we owned would fit easily in our office. Even our furniture. The office was just a little smaller than the tiny house we moved into, so it was a great test run to play around with floor plan ideas.

I was unemployed for a short period of time. Eventually I decided to drive for Uber. I still had a car payment and I figured if I put the car to work for me, to help justify keeping the car rather than sell it and buying an older used car. While all jobs have their ups and downs, Uber was for the most part a positive move for me. I was making the bare minimum I needed to pay our bills. However, I went from working 60 plus hours a week, to only 30. The catch was I worked every weekend, and graveyard. I usually left the house Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 22:30 and got home as late as 7:00. Each night was different. Monday and Thursday I only worked from 3:00 to 7:00 at most.

I had to go to bed around 13:00, but this meant I spent every morning with my family. On the weekend I didn’t get any writing done at all. I was either working or unwinding when I got home. However, during the week since I was up at night and everyone was asleep, I was able to get plenty of writing done. Driving also had another major benefit. I was able to listen to books on my phone between passengers. I would average about 4 or 5 books a week that way. This would last until we got to Step Four: Starting a New Lifestyle.

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