3 The Empress

3 The Empress

I was double checking that using my new schedule (sleep cycles and morning routine) would drastically improve my creative output. Yesterday was a bit rough. Nap was hard to fall into, and I was a bit tired when 04:00 came around, but today I was able to pop up with the alarm no problem.

Divinatory Meaning

Unexpected blessings; Goddess influence.

“Unexpected gifts and blessings come to you. A possible marriage or commitment to a relationship is close. You may experience a possible pregnancy, or period of creativity. Travel, pleasant reaction, or social gathering will benefit you at this time. Financial security and good fortune can be yours with planning and commitment. Goddess influences are at work in your life.”

A guide to the Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt


This is a spectacular answer. “possible pregnancy, or period of creativity” I sure hope it’s pointing to the later. We’ve crossed the halfway point with the little one, I’m not sure I could start over with baby again.

Overall, my personal feeling toward the new schedule is that it provides me with more focused time in the day, even if that means I give up my nights. Which if I’m being honest wasn’t a huge sacrifice. Sabetha and I would spend most nights watching TV shows and bullshitting. Now we spend more time as a family and instead of TV I’m reading right before sleep (a far healthier option).

Action Plan

Keep a close eye on my caffeine intake and try to focus on relaxing more before nap time. My core sleep at night is working great, but if I don’t train myself to nap in the afternoon, I’m worried long term that I’ll end up crashing.

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