3 Days Left Until: Discovery of Light

Discover of Light Countdown Day 3

As of last week, I’m now the main instructor for my daughter. Brandie and I had planed her education path together, but she was the main one teaching our daughter. However, after three years Khaos (our daughter) hit a wall where she didn’t want to learn from her mother.

We noticed a major problem with reading in particular. Khaos refused to focus and was being obtuse. It was nearly impossible to tell what progress she made. If any. Words she previously could read she’d claim she didn’t know, and new words she could sound out only part of the time.

We took her to an optometrist who fit her for a pair of glasses. Brandie has worn glasses since she was a young girl, so we thought that might have been the issue. Alas, it didn’t solve the problem. The original plan had always been for Brandie to teach Khaos until she was 11/12 and ready to start core subjects (middle school). At which point I would to take over. I always figured I would hate teaching the basic courses since I always hated school. However, I’m pleased to say the last two weeks were a blast.

Guts Glory The Vikings

The first day was rough, Khaos still wanted to act like she didn’t know how to read, and pushed back on all her other subjects, but by the end of the day we got all the course work done, and with only two melt downs.

Fast forward to today, and it was amazing. She has gone from, “I hate reading!” to her running into my office yelling, “Yeah, reading time.” But still there was a crying fit today. Khaos is on the more emotional side, but that might be a little girl thing. Her peers seem to be acting the same way. I brushed it off though because we started a new harder version of math today.
Spending 3+ hours each day focused with Khaos while preparing for my launch is trying. I keep forcing myself to take a deep breath and remind myself that I’m only stressed because I’m excited. I hope I’ve not taken any of my stress out on Khaos, but I’m only human, so I probably have.

We’ve structured the courses to include Khaos reading two books a day. Plus, we read one book together. I get to read to her about several cool subjects. We started Guts & Glory The Vikings by Ben Thompson. She loved it. She found the fact about the Vikings Shield Wall to be the most exciting today. Also, “Wars are dangerous.”

When I look back on the day, I’m glad I spent 3+ hours with Khaos today. Even if it means I wasn’t able to spend those hours on marketing for the book launch. When I’m on my death bed, it will be the time I spent with her, and the books I wrote that count. Not the financial success the books reach. If anyone out there is debating the value of homeschooling, I recommend you give it a shot. The costs are far outweighed but the benefits.

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