Writing Process Guide – 15 Steps From Concept to Publication

15 Steps From Concept to Publication

I’m getting ready to relaunch my series, and I’ve been working through what all needs to happen, and what the steps are to get the next books in the series done. Therefore I made myself a 15 step guide with actionable sub-steps. As I work with this and tweak it, I’ll update this post, or even make a whole new guide. Implement your process an always be tweaking for success based on data.  Writing Process Guide Concept Generation and Flesh Out Character Evaluation Decide on POVs (Part of Story Lines) Model characters off people I know Decide on whom and what mixture World Building & Setting Design Free write about the world for 1 hour Find images for major setting and character Resolution Decide where each POV will end up Define their Need & 1st Desire Backwards Plotting Seven Key Story Steps 22 Plot Points Scene Weave Incorporate A, B, […]

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